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“Altogether gripping.” --Diana Gabaldon, Author of Outlander series

"Glitteringly original." --Sarah Huges, The New York Times

“Raving, raging, wheedling, bullying, plotting, bellowing, yarning away, the remarkable voice of Silver himself is the gift that Edward Chupack has given us in this daring novel. I loved it too.”
--Jon Clinch,
Author of Finn

(Starred review) "At the start of Chupack's swashbuckling debut, Long John Silver, yes, that Long John Silver, faces hanging back in England after a life of piracy on the seven seas. But before he swings, the aging, fever-ridden pirate is determined to tell his fabulous story, so settle back, me hearties, it's one hell of a tale. Some of the old Treasure Island gang—Ben Gunn, Pew, Jim Hawkins—return, but this is no retelling of the original. Chupack is particularly good at pirate dialogue Murder, a map, ciphers and codes, and even a bit of romance figure in Silver's rivet ing narrative as well. (Feb.)” --Publisher's Weekly (Read more...)

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